About Us

LISCENTS BATH & BODY wholly owned by Harithmai Production (HMP).

We make homemade natural skin product from head to toe.  The personal care products listed are all HOMEMADE and would make beautiful presents for friends and loved ones too.

All the recipes and ideas for making  bath & body homemade beauty product stated in the website are from our founder, Mrs. Lis Abd Kadir.


 Liscents Bath & Body is an indie beauty brand that carries her name. Lis puts sourcing the highest quality ingredients before growth and people most certainly before profit, and with its standard. As she says, with each product having her name on it, Lis is still a very personal business with all the good times and the difficulties that come with keeping things relatively small in a very big, profit-driven industry.

Lis retains complete control over her company to ensure they own the entire manufacturing process. Ingredient integrity is of paramount importance to indie beauty brands if they wish to differentiate. We do not outsourcing which we control over the provenance of our ingredients and we will know how they when from seed to skincare.

Her philosophy is to make skincare with kindness and natural as it may get that connects people to themselves and helps them find their own kind of beautiful. She believes that a successful beauty business needs to change lives, not just turn a profit. Any brand can create good skincare, but differentiate itself it needs compassion, commitment and courage to think differently. Liscents Bath & Body is growing direct-to-customer business in preference to expanding into more retailers as wishes to keep greater control of the company's values and product quality at the point of sale.

Our products may be copied but we alone own our founding philosophy as an indie beauty brand.