3 LAYER HERBS - Liscents Bath & Body
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LISCENTS 3 LAYER HERBS - Mixed from a special blend of quality herbs; Neem, Bidara & Gelenggang (candle bush) with Neem oil, Olive Oil, Castor oil, Manggo Butter,selected

fine herbs to treat skin diseases in nature way. Relief from itchy skin and various diseases related to parasitic infections such as itching, panau, Ringworm (kurap), Kayap, Scabies (kudis), Eczima, Rash (ruam), Water caterpillars, Allergic skin, insect bites, anti-bacterial agent, nourish to the skin and reduce scarring.

Naturally made with saponified olive oil imported from Italy, coconut oil, castor oil, Mango Butter Oil & bidara Essential Oil, Pandan infusion water.

Top: Bidara Leaves and Eucalyptus

Each bar of soap is Net wt from 95 to 115g. Price RM25

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