Fremantle Breeze

MYR 30.90

Immerse yourself in the world of aromatic plants extracts

Simply aim to broaden and share your experience at every opportunity with our HOME SCENTS Series. We have 6 types of scents. 

Be aware of your senses, be mindful, open up to the beautiful realm of fragrance and allow it to become part of you, share it with others and let it enrich your life. 

Garden Rose

Has floral odour type. Has sweet, soft, delicate and fresh

Purely Jasmine

Has floral odour type. Sweet, pure and intense smells. 


Smells of lovely Tuberoses flower and Angelica. Sweet odor, rich and cool and woody. 

Backyard Dreams

Smells of our own backyard with lemongrass and bergamot. Scents of Citrus fruit peel  type. Fresh, light, crisp, can be bitter in subsidiary notes. 

Fremantle Breeze

Have a feeling of salty sweet kind of breeze when you strol along the port of Fremantle in Perth. Smells of sea salt, sage & grapefruit. A bit of forest (woody) scents. 

Winter in Nothing Hill

Spices line clove & cinnamons, floral smells (Tuberose), roots oil (woody) soft, mild, sweet and fruits smells (blackcurrant)  

Suitable for Humidifier, potpourri, home spray, room spray, bed and sofa spray