MYR 9.90
PRODUCT INFORMATION Apple cider vinegar hair rinse infused with the best herbs and organic botanical extract for healthy hair.

Your hair has never looked better! And tha's how this herb-infused apple cider vinegar hair rinse was born. This hair rinse will quickly become your go-to secret for lackluster hair. Not only does it get rid of the gunky buildup that used to weigh down your hair, but it also makes locks soft and super shiny.  Plus, by infusing it with hair-boosting herbs/botanical extract, you will notice more growth, less flakiness and fewer bad hair days to boot.  Everyday is a soft hair day! Try one today. Just dilute 10ml of hair rinse of your choice after you have conditioned your hair with our Sutera Conditioner in 1 liter cold water or 1 pale and rinse.