MYR 25.00
  1. SUCI FRANGIPANI (PINK VERSION) - The oil of the frangipani flower has a sophisticated, lush, rich floral fragrance. The flowers have been widely hybridised for cultivation, and there are many varieties available - each with its unique scent. The frangipani a warm tropical tree area of Pacific Islands, Caribbean, South America and Mexico and of course now a lot in Malaysia. The flowers are either white, yellow, pink or dark red. The flower has been used in perfumery since 16th century. We use 100% flower water infusion in the recipe of Suci Frangipani. Just for sharing, best perfumes that contain frangipani are Coco Chanel, Ormand Jaynes, Gianni Versace Women. Now that you found your dream frangipani scent, let us introduce you to more practical and worth it and affordable, Suci Frangipani Homemade Natural Soap by Liscents. 

Size of Liscents Suci Frangipani Soap Each bar of soap is nett wt from 75g to 115gm for the price of RM25.